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College Recommendation Checklist for Mrs. Gray

You are asking me to undertake on your behalf a serious responsibility. It will require thought and time on my part. I will gladly do it for you, but you must do the following.

1. Get a large envelope and staple or tape this form to it in such a way that it will not fall off.

2. Write your name on the line at the top.

3. Enclose in the envelope the items listed below,  checking them off as you do so. Note: I will not address or stamp envelopes.

____ The teacher recommendation form(s) for the college(s) to which you are applying. Be sure that you have completed all of your parts.

____ A stamped envelope addressed to the admissions office of your college(s). This envelope should also have on it the Prep's return address.

____ A resume or listing of your activities in and out of school. Include teams, clubs, etc.

____ A paragraph of three or four sentences in which you describe what you recall as your outstanding features while you were in my class. What are the things that you think I should be able to say about you as a student?

Indicate deadlines for the recommendation.

School                          Date

1.__________________________    _____________

2.__________________________    _____________

3.__________________________    _____________

4.__________________________    _____________

5.__________________________    _____________