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TEXT: An Introduction To Literature (Pearson/ Longman

GOALS: Students will learn the skills they will need to think, read and write in a college course. Students will become familiar with authors, poets, and playwrights and their works. Drama will be emphasized throughout the course. Students will write literary essays based on readings as well as outside readings. Additionally, they will learn how to write a research paper.

Due to the fact that many assignments are long-term, students must be self-disciplined. This provides them the opportunity to be better prepared for college, as time management is paramount to success in college.

In addition to the anthology, students will read the following:

Boy's Life
Oedipus Rex
Death of a Salesman
Cat''s Cradle

The mid-term exam and final will consist of both multiple choice questions and essays. Each quarter is worth 15% and both the mid-term and final are worth 20%. If a student has a 90% average at the end of the 4th quarter, he may be exempt from the final exam at my discretion.

Parents are encouraged to check Edline when it is updated to check on their sons' progress. Grades are calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the number of points possible to earn in a given semester. A class participation grade will be calculated into the possible points. This will be based on both participation in class, group work and class preparation.

As stated in the class rules, students can not be expected to submit work that is missed either for absences or any reason when Edline is updated or at the end of the semester. If your son is missing work, he may need some guidance to ensure all assignments are complete, in the future, and to make sure he is studying for upcoming exams.

Plagiarism and cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Any student caught plagiarizing or cheating in any way will receive a 0. If a student gives his work to someone to copy, both students will receive a 0. In all cases of cheating and plagiarism, both the student's parents and guidance counselor will be informed.

Homework and exams will be posted on Edline.

Please refer to the rules of the class to know what is expected of your son in terms of behavior and daily preparation.

Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns. I can be reached at 632-0714 (ext. 320) or at

I look forward to working with you and your sons. I hope and expect this year to be a successful year for them.

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