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Boy's Life - Study Questions

Boy’s Life  Study Questions 

Part 1                                                 

      Chapter 1 - Pg. 1

1.       What is the setting of this novel?

2.              Describe Cory’s town?

3.       Why was Cory with his dad so early in the morning?

4.       What happened to the car that Cory and his father saw?

5.       What did Cory most fear as his father was in the water?

6.       What did Cory see as his father was in the water?

7.       Describe the man in the car.

8.       Where did Cory and his father go after the accident?

9.       Who is Miss Gracie?

Chapter 2 - Pg. 25

1.       What did Cory find at the scene which he kept in his


2.       Explain the problem the sheriff has in terms of the 


3.       What does Cory ‘s dad say the man in the car said to him?

      Chapter 3 - Pg. 32

1.       Why were the children so frightened of the movie?

2.       What did the boys see in the sky at Ben’s house and why

          did it frighten them?

3.       What did Ben mean when he said his father would come

          back changed?

4.       What does Cory think he means by this statement?

5.       What traumatic event takes place at Ben’s house?

      Chapter 4 - Pg. 53

1.       Explain the incident in church pertaining to the wasps?

2.       What do we learn about Granddaddy Jaybird through this


3.       Who is “The Demon”?

     Chapter 5 - Pg. 72

1.             Explain what happens to Cory’s bike?

2.       What happens when Dad and Cory go back for it?

3.       What did Cory see on the drive home?

4.       Why doesn’t he tell his dad what he saw?

5.       What does Mr. Scully tell Cory and his dad about his bike?

6.       What is "Old Moses"?

7.       Who are the Blaylocks?

Chapter 6 - Pg. 86

1.       What natural disaster occurred in Zephyr?

2.       Who lives in Bruton?

3.       On Pg. 89, the mayor says the people of Bruton, “…never   

          ask for help.” Why not?

4.       Who is Vernon Thaxter?

5.       How is he able to get the residents of Zephry to help the

          residents of Bruton?

6.       What does Cory on the riverbank which frightens him?

7.       Who is Gavin?

8.       Explain how Cory saves Gavin.

Chapter 7 - Pg. 108

1.       Who is Mr. Lightfoot?

2.       Why doesn’t Mr. Lightfoot accept money from Cory’s mom?

3.       What message did Mr. Lightfoot deliver from the Lady?

4.       What excuse does Tom give for not wanting to go to the 

          Lady’s house?

5.       What does Cory’s mother believe the reason is or this?

6.       How does Tom feel about taking charity? Why?

7.       Who went to visit the Lady?

8.       What gift does Cory tell the Lady he would like?

9.       What does the Lady mean when she talks about “the other

          side”? (pg. 126)

10.    What was unusual about the Lady’s dreams?


Part 2

Chapter 1 - Pg. 131

1.       What does Mrs. Neville ask Cory to do? Why does she ask him to do this?

2.       When Cory leaves Mrs. Neville’s classroom, what does she day? What do think would have been a more appropriate thing for her to say on the last day of school?  

3.       How has Cory’s father changed physically?

4.       On page 135, Cory explains what has been “gnawing” at his father. Explain this in your own words.

5.       How does Cory react to this? Hint: Look at the previous paragraph here.

6.       What did the boys do on the last day of school? How do you explain this?

Chapter 2 – Pg 143

1.       What does Mr. Dollar claim the Blaylock’s have done?

2.       How does Tom Mackenson respond to this?

3.       Explain the following quote: “The scissors sang, and little dead parts of me flew off.” Pg. 154

Chapter 3 –Pg. 154

1.       What gift did Cory receive from the Lady?

2.       How did Cory’s dad react to this?

3.       What did the Lady warn Cory regarding this gift?

4.       What did Cory name his gift?

5.       How does this gift behave strangely?

6.       Describe Nemo Curliss.

7.       What was Nemo’s talent?

8.       Describe the encounter with the Branlin’s.

9.       What does Cory fear at the end of the chapter?


Chapter 4 - Pg. 174

1.       Why didn’t the Branlin’s have to pay for Cory’s medical bills?

2.       What was the Branlin’s punishment?

3.       How did Cory say they would react to that punishment?

4.       What did Cory mean when he said, “So the Branlin’s had done something worse than even beating us up: they’d stolen part of Johnny Wilson’s summer away from him, and he would never again be twelve years old again in June.” (Pg.  176)

5.       On pages 177 and 178, Cory reveals something he saw which greatly disturbed him. What is it? What might be the author’s purpose for revealing this information?

6.       Who are the Lezander’s? What information is revealed about them on page 184?

7.       Explain what Rev. Blesset does at the picnic? Why does he do this?

8.       What evil act occurs at the Lady’s house at the end of this chapter? What does this foreshadow?

Chapter 5 – Pg. 188

1.       Who is Carl Bellwood? What happened to him?

2.       What Cory’s mom explain to Cory about the events at the Lady’s house?

3.       What reason does Cory’s mom give for his dad’s fear of the Lady?

4.       What does the lady ask the mayor to do for the people of Bruton?

5.       What do some people want the Lady to do?

6.       Explain the incident with Lucifer? What does the fact that Lucifer is on the loose symbolize?

Chapter 6 - Pg 198

1.       What became of Lucifer?

2.       Who does Mr. Hargison believes has something to do with   the monkey?

3.       What does Mr. Hargison reveal that the Lady wants?

4.       How does Tom react to this?

5.       How does Mr. Hargison react? What does this reveal about Mr. Hargison?

6.       Why doesn’t Nemo’s mom let him play with the other boys?

7.       What is Snowdown?

8.       What does Cory reveal about the night of the murder? Who does he tell?

9.       What deal does Cory make with his parents regarding his trip to Jaybird’s?

10.   Explain what happens when Cory and Jaybird are sent to run an errand for Grandmomma Sarah?

11.   What do we learn about Jaybird?

12.   Explain Cory’s dream?

Chapter 7 -Pg. 227

1.       What does Cory and his friends see on the camping trip?

2.       What do you think the Blaylock’s are selling?

3.       Explain the quote, “They won’t know what hit ‘em until they’re tap-dancing in hell.” (Pg. 247) Who says it? What could it mean?

4.       Do the boys’ leave the woods together? Explain.

Chapter 8 - Pg. 250

1.       Who was Chile Willow?

2.       How did Cory meet her?

3.       Describe Cory’s house?

4.       How did Cory get home from Chile Willow’s house?

Chapter 9 - Pg. 264

1.       What happened to Nemo?

2.       What happened to the ball that Nemo threw?

3.       What does Cory mean when he says, “And me. I just believed.”? (Pg. 270)

Part 3

 Chapter 1 – Pg.  273

1.       Who wanted to meet with Cory?

2.       What did this person want?

3.       Why did Cory become suspicious of this person?

4.       Explain what happened during the meeting.

5.       Why did this person actually want to see Cory about?

6.       What does Cory realize about the murderer and his father.

Chapter 2

1.       Explain the reaction of the people when the lady enters the library.

2.       Explain the encounter between Cory’s dad and the lady.

3.       Explain how Cory’s dad feel’s about working with the lady,

Chapter 3

1.       Who invites Cory to dinner?

2.       How does Cory’s family react?

3.       Describe the visit.


Chapter 4

1.       How are Chile and the demon related?

2.       What happens with Gordo  and Gotha?

Chapter 5 – Pg. 342

1.       What did Cory often find his father doing in the “small hours of the morning”? (Pg. 343)

2.       What happens to Rebel at the beginning of the chapter?

3.       What does Dr. Lezander tell Cory?

4.       What does Cory pray will happen to Rebel? Why?

5.       What question does Cory ask Dr. Lezander which his dad had told him never to ask?

6.       What happens with Rebel and Carl? Is this real or is Cory imagining it?

Chapter 6


1.       What happened to Cory’s dad’s job?

2.       What makes Cory suspicious of Dr. Lezander and his wife? Who gave Cory this idea?

3.       Explain Cory’s run in with Donny Blaylock.

4.       Why does Cory change his mind about Dr. Lezander?

5.       What happened to Lane?

6.       What happens to Midnight Mona?

Chapter 7

1.       What information is revealed about Lanie?

2.       What do we learn about Hargison and Moultry? (Pg 382)

3.       What does the sheriff reveal about his relationship with the Blaylocks.?

4.       What does he want to do now?

5.       What is Tom asked to do along with some other men in town? How does he resond?

6.       Who does Cory begin to watch?

7.       What happens with the Blaylock’s?

8.       What happens with the Moon Man?

9.       Do the Blaylock’s reveal what was in the box?

Chapter 8: Pg. 250-264

1.       Who was Chile Willow?

2.       How did Cory meet her?

3.       Describe Cory’s house?

4.       How did Cory get home from Chile Willow’s house?

Chapter 9: Pg. 264-270

1.       What happened to Nemo?

2.       What happened to the ball that Nemo threw?

3.       What does Cory mean when he says, “And me. I just believed.”? (Pg. 270)

Pt. 4


1.       What does Cory’s mom tell Cory has happened to his dad?

2.       Where does Cory look for his dad?

3.       Describe Tom’s mental state when Cory finds him?

4.       What does Tom tell Cory the man in the lake says?

5.       What strikes Cory odd about the actions of the parrot?

6.       What does Cory ask Mr. Osbourne?

7.       Where did Miss Glass take the parrot?

8.       What happened to the parrot?  

9.       What does Davy Ray tell his friends he saw in the woods?

10.     What happened to Davey Ray?